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TWD: “Go Getters” & “Swear” thoughts

“Go Getters”

the-walking-dead-605-go-getters-and-whats-causing-the-huge-ratings-drop-2016-images-400x240We finally get a resolution for the health of Maggie and her unborn baby. They’re fine. But Carson, the Hilltop’s MD, wants Maggie to stay at Hilltop in case she experiences more complications. Jesus is all for it of course, but Gregory, being the consummate prick that he is, wants no part of Maggie and Sasha’s residence.

Gregory is super mad that Maggie and the Alexandrians lied about killing all the Saviors. If you recall last season, Rick and the gang made a pact with Hilltop promising to kill all the Saviors if Hilltop gave Alexandria a whole bunch of supplies up front. The problem, as we have come to find out, is that Rick and his group aren’t the biggest bad asses in the zombie apocalypse anymore. Gregory has a legitimate fear that if the Saviors find Alexandrians at Hilltop, they’ll know the two communities conspired and some skull bashing action will take place.


Though Gregory is a large a-hole and a coward, he’s right. Maggie didn’t follow through on her side of the bargain. Technically, he has every right to be angry and kick her out. But, in a world consumed by death, it’s no less than monstrous to oust a girl out who’s carrying life. Jesus confronts Gregory in private to plead Maggie and Sasha’s case.

In the mean time, we get a look at what’s happening at Alexandria. Rick and Aaron pack up and leave on a supply run, trying to scrounge up whatever they can before Negan returns. Michonne goes off on her own expedition saying that she needs to “figure some things out.”

Carl sees Enid climbing the fence of Alexandria to leave and tries to stop her. She reasons that she needs to go find Maggie, see if she’s alright. Lets her go, but as she gets farther down the road, he drives a car over to meet her. Unfortunately because of the whole one eye thing, he crashes that car and they continue on foot together.


They’re interactions with each other are very high school drama, right down to the romance of it. They talk about killing people with a certain naiveté. Carl’s been through a lot, sure, but he’s only killed one person in his zombie apocalypse career. He wants to kill Negan as soon as see him, but he doesn’t understand that his dad is holding back for a good reason. Carl and Enid exchange superficial aphorisms to each other, which they hold as cornerstone maxims for their inexperienced lives. It’s the type of shallow confidence that most teenagers have, thinking that things they hear and say in Philosophy class are deep and world-changing.

They find roller skates on the road, which provides faster mobility and a smidgen of enjoyment out of their misery-filled lives. Once they arrive at Hilltop, the two decide to depart – Enid to go see Maggie, and Carl on his own mission of sorts. The two swap sweet nothings to each other, as teenagers are want to do, and end their encounter with a kiss.


Going back to Maggie and Sasha’s story, they’re awoken in the night by loud music playing out of a burning vehicle in the middle of Hilltop’s courtyard. The doors are busted open, letting dozens of zombie into the community, presumably done by the Saviors for an unknown reason. Jesus, Sasha and Maggie, even in her weakened state, spring to action, closing the gate and destroying the burning vehicle. We see Gregory look out his window, but slowly withdraws back into his room, like the coward we know him to be.


The following day, a band of Savior, lead by Negan’s proclaimed right hand man Simon, storm into Hilltop to claim their “half” of Hilltop’s good. Simon informs Gregory that his squad will be handling the Savior’s and Hilltop’s transactions from now on because the previous group wasslaughtered by the Alexandrians, a fact that Gregory acts incredulous about upon hearing it. He, of course, still doesn’t want the Saviors to know of his involvement with Alexandria. Then, Gregory tries to sell out Maggie and Sasha who are hiding, but fails. He things by giving them up, the Saviors would go easier on their the-walking-dead-7x05demands from Hilltop. The Saviors get what them came for and start to pack up. Before they leave however, Sasha asks Jesus to find out where their main compound is: still a heavily guarded secret. Jesus agrees and as the Saviors drive away, he hops in the back of one of their open trucks. He’s surprised to see Carl already hiding back there, on his way to “kill Negan.”

Maggie and Sasha ultimately get to stay at Hilltop by asserting their dominant personalities over Gregory. Gregory acts tough, and he has a right to be angry with Maggie, but of course, he’s a coward, so when push comes to shoves he’s backing down no matter who he’s up against. It’s clear all the trauma Maggie’s gone through has made her an extremely strong person, and possibly a fit leader. Her residence at Hilltop will undoubtedly help Rick in any rebellion attempts over Negan.

It looks like we’ll get a deeper glimpse inside the Savior’s compound with Carl tucked away in that truck, waiting to make his move. I wish the showrunners would have waited to give us our first look at life inside the Sanctuary instead of showing us a little bit in episode 703, but let’s not forget, this is, at its core, an awful show. I’m still excited to see what Negan’s reign looks like in his own house, but it could have been handled better.


Also, if it were up to me, Carl would have jumped into the back of the Savior’s truck when they were at Alexandria is episode 704, because that would have made a lot more sense, but whatever I guess…


the-walking-dead-7-06-swear-taraThis was one of the worst episodes of TWD in its history, if not the worst. It stops all the momentum we’ve been slowly, but surely gaining learning about the Saviors and plops us back into Tara and Heath’s unremarkable story.

We don’t care about these boring, out-of-touch characters! This episode only exists because the writers were creating this season and thought, oh shit, we have to bring Heath and Tara back somehow. Uhhhhhh…

And, by the end of it, Heath is still missing! We still have to have story, probably a full episode knowing this group of incompetent assholes, explaining how stupid Heath did something stupid and how he stupidly gets back to Alexandria only to die probably.

Quick synopsis, Tara meets this group of people who have a lot of guns, and are facing the same moral conundrum we’ve seen out of literally every fucking group TWD has introduced: when is it ok to kill? These people don’t like outsiders, but let Tara in anyways, then Tara runs away back to Alexandria. End of episode.

Since the Saviors take all of Alexandria’s guns in episode 704, it’s obvious what’s going to happen here.

Truly, I wish I wasn’t a fan of TWD. If you decide to stop watching after this shit, I wouldn’t blame you.



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TWD: “Service” thoughts

twd704gp06090383-rtjpg-f9b538_765wJeffrey Dean Morgan continues to captivate me as the villainous, yet charming leader of the Saviors. On my second and third watches of “Service,” I continually skipped through the “boring” stuff to get to Negan’s dialogue scenes with Rick. He’s a little long-winded at time, needlessly drawing out sentences in a faux-comical way instead of getting straight to his point, but it’s his presences on-screen that draws my attention.

He’s so overpowering both physically and spiritually, with the latter being Negan’s most important trait. Rick’s already a broken man before Negan comes knocking at Alexandria’s gate, but by the end of the episode, when he’s lost all Alexandria’s guns, a bunch of supplies, almost got Olivia killed and failed to get Daryl back into his community, not only is Rick’s leadership called into question, but also his manhood. Negan’s a mental terrorist above all else and if he breaks Rick’s will to rebel, he knows that’s more valuable than killing somebody or taking their things.

So the gist of the episode is Negan and the Saviors visit Alexandria for the first time and take a bunch of their stuff – most importantly their guns. I don’t believe this needed to be an extra long episode, especially since it focuses on a singular plot line. I think the regular hour time slot would have been sufficient, but episode 704 does accomplish its number one goal effectively: making us hate the Savior more than we already do – specifically Negan and Dwight.

I really love that the Negan’s show dialogue is taken almost word for word right from the
page. His introduction is much the same way, minus a fuck-ton of swears of course. JDM blends Negan’s comic book lines with original show lines tremendously well, making the larger-than-life character that much more believable on-screen.

Spencer’s incompetents and petulance continues to show in this episode. Negan makes his presence know with three solid raps with Lucille against Alexandria’s front gate. Spencer rolls back the cover and asks the very dumb (and possible life threatening) question, “uh, who are you?”  to which Negan gleefully replies, “Oh you better be joking!” This scene is one of those I like, ripped right off the page as it was written and slapped onto out television screens.

Rick arrives at the gate to let Negan in still with a look of defiance on his face, though still not as defiant as the “I’m gonna kill you” scene from the premiere. Negan hands Rick Lucielle as he walks in – clearly an act of power over Rick, handing him the tools he used to kill two of Rick’s closest friends.

Dwight comes up swinging this episode in the “Biggest Walking Dead Douche Bag” competition. As Rosita and Spencer are about to leave on a supply run, Dwight stops them and proceeds to get all up in Rosita’s face. He commands them to go get Daryl’s bike at the spot where he dropped it – the same spot where Dwight shot and killed Denise last season. Before they leave, as deliberately as possible, he takes Rosita’s and Spencer’s weapons, leaving them with nothing to defend themselves. He then takes Rosita’s hat for no apparent reason and her full canteen, which he immediately pours out while she watches in a cold rage.

The Saviors ransack the town, going through everybody’s homes, taking “half” of whatever they want. One of them finds the video camera that former leader Deanna uses to interview Rick and the gang when they first arrive in Alexandria. This peaks Negan’s interest; he hopes to find “a little freaky deaky” on film. What he sees instead is a very grizzled, a very dangerous-looking Rick, who we all remember is the ultimate bad ass through season 5. Negan says to Rick, “Jesus, is that you, Rick, underneath all that man-bush? Shit, I would not have messed with that guy!” He then points the camera at the despondent Rick we’ve come to know in season 7, “But that’s not you anymore is it?”


And it’s not. Rick isn’t the shoot first, ask questions later, borderline psycho we knew from the past. He’s a diplomatic leader, trying to restore a sense of normalcy and peace in this apocalyptic world. He cherishes every life he’s been given dominion over in Alexandria – a far cry from the “how many of you will I have to kill” Rick that arrived in season 5. He’s so afraid the Negan will kill even one more person that he completely gives up his own free will and the life he’s built-in order to appease this fascist asshole.

However Carl doesn’t share Rick’s mindset. In the face of assured death, Carl pulls a gun on the Saviors trying to take his stuff out of his house. He looks Negan straight in the eye with, as Negan says it, his “giant man-sized balls,” and tells them to leave before they find out how dangerous they all are (another scene straight from the comic). Negan respects this enormously, but he can’t abide this kind of behavior out of someone he rules over. He lets it slide since Carl gives up right away, but the incident reminds Negan of how many guns Alexandria has stockpiled. He takes every rifle, every handgun and every bullet Rick and the gang had in their possession.


This instance never happens in the comic. On the page, Negan somehow passes over Alexandria’s guns as the Saviors pillage their houses. The show is definitely more believable, but it’s interesting now because I have no clue how Rick eventually plans to fight back without a single rifle in hand. He could hook up with the Kingdom, but it’s unknown how many guns they have – some of their warriors carry around spears still. The Hilltop we know doesn’t have any weapons other than knifes and other sharp, close combat tools. So I can’t imagine how Rick can get out of this predicament with Negan, though we know a huge showdown is on its way.

Negan makes it a point to tell Rick that him and his boys aren’t taking any food away from the Alexandrians. He expects a thank you from Rick, but Rick stands in silent defiance. Negan expressed his power over Rick again by getting right in his face and demanding gratitude for his “act of kindness.”


If I was Negan, the quiet contempt Rick shows in this instance and many other instances that day probably warrants a barbed baseball bat to the head of somebody in the community. I found this a little inconsistent with Rick and Negan’s established relationship dynamic, especially after the fireworks in their first meeting.

As Negan is about to leave, Michonne comes back from her long walk to accomplish whatever she wanted to accomplish, undocumented rifle in hand. As it is undocumented, Negan has no way of knowing about it. But, during a private meeting between Rick and Michonne, he pitifully convinces her that she must give the rifle to Negan. He can’t afford Negan finding out they have even one gun and someone dying over it. Michonne can’t believe how Rick is acting, but she gives it up willingly.

On the surface, it looks like Negan accomplishes his goal: instilling fear in Rick to foster absolute obedience. I really want to believe that Rick isn’t completely broken at this point. We’d expect Rick and the gang to be plotting something in the background to get overthrow their oppressor and take the power back for themselves, right? My theory is, Rick’s trying to gain trust with Negan so he lowers his guard a little. Rick can’t tell anyone in fear something might spill to Negan. Is that what happens in the comic – yes. But, the show is sometimes different from the comic.

Finally Negan decides to take off, but before he goes, he want to hear “those two magic words” from Rick. Rick “thanks” him, then Negan leans in and whispers another line exactly from the comic, “In case you haven’t caught on, I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it.”


As Rick walks away, Spencer has the gall to act like a tough guy, exclaiming why Rick’s been a bad leader and that he got Abraham and Glenn killed. Rick stops, doesn’t turn around, but says to Spencer in a calm, bad ass tone we used to know, “You say anything again like that to me, I’ll break your jaw and knock your teeth out.” Naturally, Spencer tenses up, being the pussy that he is.

We knew Negan held the power over Alexandria before episode 704, but now we understand how overbearing his grip actually has become. Rick is outwardly a completely broken man. He’s not willing to put up any kind of fight against Negan. He tells Michonne that this is just their life now and that he can’t bear to see anyone else killed, close friend or distant acquaintance because of him. He says, “We play by their rules, we get some kind of life.”

The episode closes with Rosita going to Eugene, telling him to make her a bullet for a gun she found. At least not everyone’s lost their will to fight.






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TWD: “The Cell” thoughts

the-walking-dead-season-7-episode-3-trailer-preview-clip-2016-amc-seriesRight off the bat (no pun intended) I want to say one thing: there’s no reason for this episode to be a full episode. It could have fit just fine as the B-plot to some other Negan-centric story line.

This episode shows me the showrunners are back to their old practices of elongating a plot line just to fill-up a season, like they did with Hershel’s farm and the Prison.

I say this because nothing huge is gained in “The Cell.” I certainly don’t need action every episode to keep me interested; some of my favorite TWD moments are in the second half of season 4, when absolutely nothing happens expect a lot of walking and talking. But if the episode is focusing on character building, I want to learn something new about a major character or see a significant change in someone we care about by the end.

But anyways…

Episode 703, “The Cell,” takes place in Negan’s compound (which I believe is called The Sanctuary if I remember the comics correctly) soon after Negan and Rick’s first meeting. Daryl is Negan’s prisoner and is locked in a small, cement closet in an effort to break his spirit. Of course Negan can’t be bothered to do the dirty work himself, so he has Dwight work on Daryl to get him ready for full, head-bashing action. This being the case, we get a long look at who Dwight is, why he’s in The Sanctuary and what happens after wedaryl-the-cell-walking-dead see him in episode 606, “Always Accountable.”

Returning to my thoughts a couple of paragraphs ago, the only character we have any investment in up to this point is obviously Daryl. We’re anxious to see the resolution to his current predicament because we want to know if he’ll break and become a Savior or stay true to Rick, and most likely die opposing Negan. We already know he’s defiant; we know he’s strong-willed and tough; and we know he’s going to take a lot of shit before he cracks. We’ve known these things about Daryl for 6 seasons now. He’s in a shitty predicament, and we want to see how he gets out of it. This episode does nothing to resolve that shitty predicament or show us how his shitty predicament might be resolved in the future. We see Daryl being defiant, strong-willed, tough and take a lot of shit – even if we never see him in episode 703, it’d be assumed that is the situation happening to him at the moment. For our favorite bad ass, “The Cell” is a wash.

So who or what is “The Cell” really centered around? I would have liked it to center around Negan; a day in the of the king around the Sanctuary. Unfortunately, it’s centered around Dwight. We know Dwight a little bit from season 6, but there’s been no character background or development around him until now.

Dwight factor

b2789784317d270ff9c199519fb6Right now we think Dwight’s a prick, having killed Denise with an arrow through the eye and shot Daryl in the back like a bitch. He’s a top dog among the Saviors these days, having worked his way up, doing dirty work for Negan and earning his trust. But there’s a reluctant side to Dwight.  Although he’s Daryl’s persecutor, he keeps telling Daryl to listen to Negan and to make it easy on himself and that Daryl can have a cushy life-like him. Deep down, he doesn’t like to be the bad guy, but it affords him a painless life under the worse apocalyptic dictator TWD has ever seen. Dwight’s seen up close and personal the heinous things Negan can do to a person or the people they care about. He refuses to show even the slightest sign of misbehavior around the Sanctuary because Negan’s scared him into that mindset.

We find out (of course through telling not showing)  that it is the Savior’s Dwight and his wife Sherry try to evade in episode 606. Back then, life was bad – Dwight was a bottom dweller around the Sanctuary, basically a slave working for the minimalist amount of food to survive. He, Sherry and Sherry’s sick sister Tina, who Negan was promised to marry, run away with a big bag of medicine in hand. As we see in that episode, Tina dies, but Dwight and Sherry get away by stealing Daryl’s bike. What we don’t see is them getting caught, returning to the Sanctuary, Sherry marrying Negan to save Dwight’s life and Dwight getting an iron to his face as a punishment.


And after all that misery, Dwight stands beside Negan as a top soldier in his army. Negan recants the whole story to Daryl, in front of Dwight and we see Dwight slightly cringe with each awful detail. Though he’s been neutered by Negan, he’s only obedient to ensure Sherry stays safe. If or when he has the power, he’ll rip Negan’s throat out without a second thought.

I hate that the Scooter Gimple thinks so little of his audience that he has to verbally tell us the awkward dynamic between Negan and Dwight rather than let it play out on-screen and have us fill in the blanks accordingly. Negan’s whole story should have been summed up in one simple scene with Negan, Dwight and Sherry in the same room together utilizing the smallest amount of dialogue. We already know Sherry was with Dwight before, we walking-dead-season-7-comic-con-trailer-breakdown-sherry-sanctuaryknow she’s not now because of the scene in the doctor’s office and we know Negan has ultimate power over everyone he comes in contact with. We would see a visibly cowering and shy girl trying to reach out to Dwight, but deciding against it because of the intimidating shadow Negan’s presence casts over everyone.

Final thoughts

The Sanctuary seems like an awful place to live if you’re not a Savior. With the right spark, that place is rife for revolution.

Dwight isn’t the bad guy we maybe thought he was. He wants Sherry back, how could be now. But with Negan in power, that’ll never happen.

I wish we got to see more of daily life in the Sanctuary. It looks like a small place, whereas in the comic, it’s a huge factory-looking facility. My guess is we’ll see more of it very soon.

Also, this song is so damn catchy!


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TWD: “The Well” thoughts

the-walking-dead-episode-702-carol-mcbride-2-935After such a heavy episode, it’s nice to be reminded that not everything in TWD is dark and depressing. Some of it is still vibrant and cheery.

In episode 702, “The Well,” we’re introduced to the Kingdom, a lavish, well-off community with generally agreeable people. It’s the largest settlement we’ve seen so far in TWD (save for maybe Woodbury) and it’s lead by royalty.

For the most part, the show takes King Ezekiel right off the page, bombast and all. Characters like the Governor and Negan, to a certain extent, need to be tweaked to fit the overall vibe of the show, but being that the Kingdom and Ezekiel are meant to be larger than life in any format, he contrasts nicely against the somber personalities of our heroes.

We discover the Kingdom through Carol’s eyes. As we recall, Carol tries to run away from Alexandria near the end of season 6 because she all of a sudden doesn’t want to kill. Unfortunately, that resolve follows her into season 7, more contrite than ever to leave the chipper confines of the Kingdom to blaze her own trail across the zombie wasteland. Good thing her best friend Morgan there to help think through her decision. He ends up traveling to the Kingdom with Carol and makes friends with Ezekiel and a bunch of Ezekiel’s subjects.

Although I don’t like why it happened (I think Carol suddenly refusing to kill after she’s been a huge badass for so long is stupid and more contrived storytelling), I like that Morgan stumbles on this new group. I had hypothesized before that Tara and Heath would happen upon the Kingdom in their long supply run and come back to Alexandria with new allies right as Rick’s balls were tightest in Negan’s vice, but I guess I was close.

That’s one bit I like the show better for at this point rather than the comic. On the page, after Rick meets Negan, Jesus introduces him to the Kingdom – them and the Hilltop had been buds for a while. That way’s sort of bland; I like that the show saved the Kingdom storyline for a different character and can do a B plot based on them.

Carol has an audience with King Ezekiel in what I call his “throne room,” but is really a middle school auditorium. He sits on a throne, accompanied by his manservant Jerry and best friend, Shiva, a Tiger. Ezekiel speaks in loud, baritone, Shakespearian sentences, keeping with his regal aesthetic. He’s a kind man, offering Carol anything she need as she recovers from her injuries. Carol echoes what everyone at home must be thinking at this moment when she exclaims, “I don’t know what’s going on in the most wonderful way!”


In many aspects, Ezekiel and Negan are very similar. They both have indefinite rule over their communities, they both are highly respected by the people they rule and both of their communities are thriving. But, their main difference is huge and obvious. Ezekiel governs the Kingdom with love and compassion for every single person who contributes. He’s welcoming and accepting of his subjects’ weaknesses, and because of all this, the Kingdom is prosperous. Negan, of course, rules with an iron fist. Though his people respect him, it’s out of fear that they give their respect. Negan’s manufactured the Saviors by stealing, threatening, intimidating and killing all other peoples he’s encountered. King Ezekiel’s Kingdom grew organically. People flocked to Ezekiel because he is a wonderful human and he does tolerate everybody as they are… and he has a tiger.

It’s later in episode 702, when Carol is well enough to hit the road again, Ezekiel has a one-on-one conversation with her to discover just who she really is and express to her who he truly is underneath his grandiose persona. Turns out, he’s just an average guy – a zookeeper before the apocalypse. He rescued Shiva from the zombie-infested zoo and they’ve been together ever since. People saw Ezekiel as some sort of amazing leader because of Shiva by his side, so he adapted to the part. Since the world had gone banana land anyways, Ezekiel and his people decide to cope with tragedy by fawning fantasy.

Unfortunately, the Saviors have their grip on the Kingdom too. Same deal as the Hilltop and Alexandria: produce enough goods and the Saviors won’t kill anybody. Only Ezekiel and his inner circle know about these transactions, though. Ezekiel doesn’t want his community worried that a hostile group is threatening the Kingdom and he’s been twdrichardmanaging the threat well so far. They round-up and slaughter wild pigs roaming the nearby town – easy offerings for the Saviors that don’t dip into their community’s supplies. However, before the pigs are killed, Ezekiel’s top knight Richard makes sure the pigs are well fed… with zombie meat. It’s in this small way that we learn the Kingdom isn’t exactly thrilled with theirs and the Savior’s “arrangement.”

The Knights (what I’ve decided to call the Kingdom’s warriors) are ready to fight. There’s a skirmish at the transaction point between Richard and an asshole Savior and they all immediately raise their weapons to the Saviors. As we’ve come to learn from episode 701, even speaking badly towards the Saviors can get you in a whole mess of trouble. It’s Ezekiel who’s holding the Knights back from taking action, but for good reason. The Kingdom is getting along just fine even with the Saviors’ weekly business looming over their heads. Ezekiel won’t disturb the quiet life of his people unless he knows he can win.

Wrap-Up Thoughts

Carol leaves the Kingdom to move into some random house away from everybody. I guess she got what she wanted, but is in arm’s length just in case our heroes inevitably need her back. I’m super looking forward to seeing how Rick and the rest of our morose main characters reacts to Ezekiel’s outlandish and optimistic temperament. It’s unknown yet how many fighters the Kingdom has, but it’ll have to be a hell of a lot to help out Rick in the wars to come.



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TWD: “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” thoughts

7x01-the-day-will-come-when-you-won-t-be-rick-the-walking-dead-39971299-500-375Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first…

Most of what happened this episode SHOULD have happened to end last season.

The “cliffhanger” was bullshit and Scott Gimple needs to check himself before he wrecks the show.

The skull bashing scenes should have had me in tears, but coming into a fresh season, I felt almost no emotional connection with any of our heroes like I had going through all of season 6 with them.

It would have been such a better premiere had I known how bad Negan was and was biting my nails wondering what he’ll do next instead of not knowing who Negan is at all and only thinking he’s bad because commercials told me so.


abraham-dead-negan-walking-dead-twdAbraham, and more importantly, Glenn are gone now – dead in the most brutal way possible.

The POV shot we see at the end of season 6 is from Abraham’s perspective. He’s the only member of the group who should have died Sunday night.

Unfortunately, Daryl has to release the beast when Negan begins waving Lucille,  gloating to Rosita about killing Abraham, so Daryl punches him square in the jaw. A huge dumb ass move, especially considering what he just saw happen and how many men Negan has backing him. Negan “shuts that shit down” by giving Glenn the bat next.


Luckily, I avoided most rumors about who died over the long break. However, it was safe to assume Abraham was in the kill zone given his short but sweet history on the show. Glenn was also a sound bet because of the emotional impact on fans his death would bring and the comic book provenance behind his death at the hands of Negan.

I was still hoping they’d remix this instance by killing off Daryl instead of Glenn. There could be no bigger emotional moment or more bombastic villain introduction in TWD show than killing off everyone’s most beloved character in such brutal, senseless fashion. But, Gimple didn’t have the balls or the narrative confidence to kill off a main attraction, so he went with the obvious choices.

Some people will say that it’s overkill (no pun intended) for Negan to execute two of our heroes instead of just Glenn, like the comic did; that they wrote the scene that way for shock value. But, I don’t hate how it happened. I really like it in fact. It’s fully within Daryl’s character to jump up out of rage and try to do something drastic – that bit didn’t feel contrived. Plus, he’ll have to carry Glenn’s death with him throughout the rest of the series, so it adds an extra layer to his brooding persona.

The-Walking-Dead-7.01-The-Day-Will-Come-When-You-Wont-Be-HATE.pngAfter the “big reveal,” the rest of “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” is just about introducing us to Negan, exhibiting how brutal but calculating he is, and showing us that Rick and the gang are totally fucked. No other villain that our heroes have encountered up to season 7 had totally petrified Rick like Negan does. In his arrogance, Rick whispers to Negan “I’m gonna kill you,” a threat that used to hold weight with the viewers.But Negan disregards Rick as a petulant child and by the end of the episode, has Rick groveling at his feet, snot bubbles and all. It’s a look for Rick we haven’t seen before. Always in the face of death,  Rick’s stepped up to the plate and been the bad ass leader we know him to be. But even the thought, even a tiny glimmer of disdain against Negan’s authority absolutely will not fly with this new tyrant.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan is fan-fucking-tastic as Negan, way better than his comic counterpart from what I remember. Comic Negan too many times spouts off on swearing tangents that render his speeches meaningless and really annoying. Morgan’s Negan commands attention when he speaks. He’s physically imposing, standing at 6’2″, so when he’s on screen, you have no choice but to look at him. He reminds me of the Joker in that you don’t know if he’s going to give a smooth, harmonious dialogue or murder someone on the spot. And when he’s speaking aggressively, he’s super intimidating. Like, I’m sitting at home safe and sound and I feel like Negan’s going to break in and take all my stuff. I felt Rick’s anguish as he knelt over Carl with his ax in hand, Negan’s frightening presence forcing him to make a terrible decision. I’m excited to see where Morgan takes this character and what twists he can put on him to make it his own.

Where we stand now

Negan admires Daryl’s ferocity in the face of his ultimate authority, so he loads Daryl up into his van and takes him back to the Savior facility. I’d normally say Rick and the gang are already working on ways to get Daryl back, but when Negan and the Saviors clear out, our heroes are left with nothing but broken looks on their faces. Maggie of course wants revenge, but Rick has seen the light. Negan left a huge impact on him and there’s no way Rick’s questioning Negan’s authority again in the current state of things.

BTW: The title of this episode comes from episode 6 of season 1 entitled “TS-19.”

(Minus the last 15 seconds :P)


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Thursday, October 20, 2016 – Mini E3 day

A big day in gaming history indeed. On par with the launches of the NES or Xbox Live? Maybe not. But two huge gaming announcements in the course of a couple hours: what a time to be alive.


First up was Nintendo’s big NX announcement.

Their next console is called Nintendo Switch and it’s a home/mobile hybrid console. Years ago, Nintendo merged its handheld hardware team with their home console division after poor Wii U sales, leading people to speculate what Nintendo could be cooking up next. Today we got our answer and it doesn’t look half bad.

Disclaimer before I go on: I’m a total Nintendo fanboy. Since the day I was born I had a Nintendo controller in my hand. I was one of those saps who waited in line over night to buy the Wii U on day one because it looked like “the future of gaming”, so if it seems like I’m gushing, take everything you read with a grain of salt.
The Switch looks AMAZING! A sleek new Game Pad, a dock to easily switch from mobile to home console (hence the name) and a great new controller with offset analog sticks for comfortably, taking a page from Microsoft’s playbook.







If console-quality games on the go is what you’re after, the Switch looks like the closest handheld we’ve ever seen to achieving that. The Game Pad looks comfortable in the hands with its detachable side analog sticks and buttons, and you can play huge games like Skyrim where ever you want, even on a plane.


For me, I’m just happy to have another competent home Zelda machine. Gaming on the go isn’t really my thing, nor do I think it’s anyone else’s thing. As we’ve seen with technically awesome handhelds like the Vita, smart phones have taken over the handheld gaming space and I can’t imagine Nintendo’s new offering is going to change that.

Second most important news from the first, short look at the Switch is… NEW 3D MARIO GAME! It looks fantastic, as colorful as I’d like a next-generation Italian plumber’s world to be. With its rounded, cartoon art style, it doesn’t take a 4K monitor to make a Mario game look beautiful. This long awaited new entry into the Mushroom Kingdom will look great at home or on the go.


Of course there’s still loads of speculation to this new thing, we’ve only seen three and a half minutes of it in use. We don’t know any technical specs, we don’t know how it achieves console-quality on the go, we don’t know how much on board storage it’ll have and we don’t know the most important aspect of the Switch – its price.

The Switch has to be a hit for Nintendo. They can’t endure another financial failure like the Wii U. This first look is a great one, but you’re not crazy to be immediately skeptical.

The Nintendo Switch launches March 2017 along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ll give my opinions and guidance as more info becomes available.

Red Dead Redemption 2

As soon as gamers finished the 2010 classic Red Dead Redemption, the speculation was on as to when Rockstar Games would create a sequel to one of the most beloved games of all time. We hoped and wondered and pleaded with Rockstar as years went by without any solid word about Red Dead’s revival or even about its existence.

We now know for certain that we’ll be returning to Rockstar’s western world with Red Dead Redemption 2, set to release Fall 2017.

Today we got a trailer that gave us a whole lot of nothing…

But it sure looks pretty. The world looks absolutely massive with vistas scenes ranging from dense towns to wide open fields; from lively forests to enormous, snowy mountains. The harsh world and environment is comparable to 2007’s There Will Be Blood. This will without a doubt be the most beautiful game Rockstar has ever published when it launches a year from now.

Much about the story is still uncertain yet. The seven characters riding to and away from the camera in the trailer look fairly dastardly. If this is a normal single player, open world game, I hope those seven are villains because I’d hate the idea of switching between seven main protagonists.

Could be that Red Dead 2 is a prequel, and the characters we see are the infamous hombres in Dutch’s Gang that John Marston used to ride with.

As with the Switch, I’ll keep my opinions on Red Dead Redemption 2 loud and clear as we find out more information.

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6 cools shots from The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer

The-Walking-Dead (1)The first footage from season 7 of The Walking Dead was shown this past weekend at SDCC met with generally good responses. We get a look at new characters, new locations, new deadly scenarios for our heroes to deal with, but, unsurprisingly, nothing on who exactly will be dealing with these deadly scenarios.

Now, I don’t need to go into a rant about how awful season 6’s finale was. I don’t need to tell you how misguided leaving season 6 on THAT cliffhanger was and how good story telling revolves around characters dealing with tragedy, not a tragedy itself… Ok, humor me for a moment. Scott Gimple should have simply watched season one of Game of Thrones to figure out how to best deal with a major death. Of course killing off an important character is a huge moment for any long running series. I’m not saying Negan shouldn’t kill anybody. It’s a huge moment in the comic and should be masterfully adapted for live action. But, what I am saying is they didn’t need to telegraph the death and make it a cliffhanger for next season. Our heroes have escaped deadly junctures time and time again in the series, so the audience shouldn’t have thought any different in this scenario. The death should have come as a surprise and gone just as fast, only leaving us to wonder how Rick will take down this clearly more powerful force, as Negan and the Saviors are.

So any marketing or new footage from season 7 won’t show any of our main characters doing anything worthwhile other than making eye contact with Negan’s dick hole. Which is completely fine with me, there’s plenty cool things happening in season 7 without Rick and the gang.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.51.04 AM

Yes, Negan does indeed kill someone as we can see from this very bloodied up Lucille. Negan comes to the plate hacking and apparently hits a home run. At whose expense? I begrudgingly cannot say yet. Mostly likely not Rick or Carl though.


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.51.38 AM.png

Speaking again of Negan, he must hold a lot of weight around the area. These hardened men kneel to him just as he walks in their direction. Until the final 10 minutes of season 6, we’ve only heard rumors of how powerful and feared he is, mostly from the Hilltop. This shot’s cool because we get a brief look at a day in the life of this malevolent tyrant and we can speculate at the depths his citizens will go to just to not piss him off.


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.52.11 AM.png

For some reason (I actually know the reason because I’m an avid comic reader) Dwight figures a lot into the season 7 trailer. Here we see him look up at something larger and daunting – maybe a wall of some kind. At first I thought he was at Alexandria’s walls, but their gates aren’t very large or overly oppressive to anyone trying to break in. Like I said before, there’s cool, new characters coming into the picture that will rise to the level of our known heroes at some point in season 7. Definitely keep one melted eye out for Dwight.


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.52.50 AM.png

Enemy at the gate! Looks like Negan knows exactly where Alexandria is and judging by how Rick treated the Saviors the first time he showed up at their compound, I’m thinking Negan’s not there to make friends. This place of refuge for Rick and the gang that looked like heaven just one season ago, now feels more like purgatory as Negan and the Saviors impose their unfair and absolute rule over another community. Alexandria’s “deal” with the Saviors is probably the same as the Hilltop’s: the Saviors get half of everything and nobody dies.


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.53.37 AM.png

Expanding the world further, we finally meet King Ezekiel in his community called the Kingdom. He’s a larger than life character in the comic and it’ll be interesting to see how Khary Payton brings him to life on screen. I’m so far very pleased with the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan for Negan, so I have no doubt Payton can bring this regal gentleman to the real world.

What I’m not too thrilled with is our first look at Shiva, Ezekiel’s pet tiger. Again, it’s just our first look, but Shiva looks real fake – noticeably GCI. Of course, it would be a monumental and dangerous task to tame a real tiger for the show, but I hope every scene where Shiva takes down a group of zombies or interacts with TWD actors doesn’t completely take me out of the episode. It’s an unbelievable world with unbelievable circumstances and personalities, but everything in the show still looks so real. It’ll be a huge shame if they can’t get Shiva’s action scenes spot on, or even worse, under utilize her for that sake.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.53.07 AM

Anytime TWD expands the breadth of living civilization, giving us more survivors in organized, thriving communities with different ways of life, I’m a happy camper. The Kingdom definitely has its quirks – it’s run by a damn king and it’s warriors wear armor. Luckily, this king is not a dictator, but rather a benevolent ruler. We saw his “subjects” briefly in the season 6 finale, coming to the aid of Carol and Morgan as Carol was badly hurt. While the way they find the Kingdom seems contrived to me, I like that Carol and Morgan end up together sharing this experience. I’m thinking sometime later in the season, before the break, Carol and Morgan will burst through Alexandria’s gates bearing with them the support of the Kingdom to fight the war against the Saviors.

Season 7 promises to be the biggest in TWD. If it’s anything like the immaculate comic it take direction from, there will be more action this season than from any season of any show in the history of television. It’s a new chapter for TWD, one that I pray to Oden will get the bad taste of season 6 out of my mouth.

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My top five favorite things about Pokémon Go

maxresdefaultSince it launched last Wednesday, Pokémon Go has taken the word by storm. In less than a week, it’s become one of the biggest mobile games of all time; as big of a phenomenon as the original Game Boy games back in 1998 (North America). It’s reach and influence is spans gamers, non-gamers, young, old, boy, girl; everyone everywhere it seems is chasing these little imaginary pocket monsters. When it was first announced a couple years ago, I though no way would I play this game. I like video games because I can sit comfortably on my couch and not be bothered by the outside world; escape the real world for a few hours at least. Boy, was I mistaken. Today alone, I spent four hours combing through neighborhoods, up and down streets, in and out of backyards and through deep woods just to find one Bulbasaur that has eluded me up until now.

This is a special game, undoubtedly. Here are my top five favorite things I’ve encountered since Pokémon Go’s release.

  • Fitness app

Aside from being one of the best mobile experiences available on your iPhone, it’s also one of the best fitness apps around – an unintended consequence of Niantic’s game I’m sure. Nerds of all sizes are leaving the safety of their gaming dungeons and traveling for miles and miles in an effort to “be the very best like no one every was.” The hundreds of calories they burn are for sure being recovered later than night – a dozen or so Hot Pockets will do the trick – but for some, Pokémon Go is their salvation for an otherwise lackluster fitness regimen.

  • See the world

As I said previously, I like to resign myself to the warmth and relaxation of my couch when I play video games. It’s a decidedly solo experience in which I stare at a bright screen for hours, seeing nothing but an imaginary world that I’ll never have the chance to visit for myself. A core aspect of Pokémon Go is traveling deep into the real world to catch newer CmxmRuCWcAAO6fEand greater monsters. It’s imperative for you to leave even the familiarity of your own town, both to catch the best Pokémon unavailable in your immediate residence and to visit
every Pokéstop and challenge every Gym you can find. To do as Pokémon’s catch phrases tells you and “collect ’em all,” you have to trek farther than you’re used to traveling, see things you’re not used to seeing and, essentially, break the boundaries of your comfort zone to become a Pokémon Master. You might think to yourself as I did, “why would I go out of my way to play this stupid little mobile game?” But once you catch that first Charmander in your backyard, you’ll move mountains to get all 150.

  • Real life Pokémon

Ever since Professor Oak handed me my first Charmander (I love Fire Pokémon), not a day’s gone by where I haven’t dreamt of real life Pokémon. Capturing, collecting, befriending and battling real life animals in real life cities and towns was without a doubt a fantasy of every kid growing up during the late 90s. While these virtual beasts are far from real life, Pokémon Go is the closest thing we’ll ever get to living our Poké dreams.

  • OG Pokémon only

With over 700 of these fuckers and more on the way every year, there’s no way Niantic could have included every single one and expected the world not to burn. They took Pokémon back to basics, featuring only the original 150, which is muchly appreciated by Pokémon purists, myself included. I’ve been a loyal Pokémon fan for almost my whole life, but every new adventure on the Game Boy, DS and now 3DS includes crazier and crazier critters that don’t even come close to looking as great as the original designs. I have zero interest in spending hours tracking down a chandelier-looking shit or a trash bag with eyes when I have both of those objects in my home already.

  • Funny memes

Some stories coming out about people’s experience with Pokémon Go are insane and very hilarious. Between finding dead bodies and breaking into neighbor’s
backyards, this game is making people do some seriously kooky stuff. But my favorite pieces of media from Pokémon Go are the great memes and pictures of Pokémon in AR. Funerals, delivery rooms and just ironic places in general make Pokémon Go’s AR function a meme machine.
fQh1ePL.0 bKhZiDo 3618D76300000578-3681995-Squirtle_was_found_on_this_coffin_by_one_Pokemon_user_it_is_not_-a-21_1468059303107





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We are Jon Snow

battle_of_the_bastardsBattle of the Bastards” is by no means the best episode of Game of Thrones the Double D’s have ever given us. It’s probably not even top five. It has it’s flaws, like Sansa leaving before she could hear Ramsay say he hadn’t fed his dogs in seven days, or like Jon’s clearly rubber sword as he’s jumping on his horse, but it’s battle scenes are no less than an achievement in cinema and it does deliver one of THE most satisfying moments in television history.

The most important aspect of any long-running television series is its characters. It’s imperative we connect emotionally to our supposed heroes before we can get behind a whole story revolving around their lives. No show’s ever accomplished that better than Game of Thrones. For almost six full seasons, we’ve seen our heroes develop personality, change morally, adapt to their brutal surroundings and, in some cases, meet their demise. But, most importantly we’ve experience heart break and sorrow with our most beloved characters. Between Sansa being perpetually manipulated by malevolent male villains and Jon Snow always reminded of how much a Stark he isn’t and then, you know, the whole dying thing, we’ve rarely enjoyed a pleasing moment amid our favorite people.


But the “feel goods” have been amassing in season 6. The aforementioned Jon Snow came back from from the dead against all odds; Sansa broke free of Ramsay and met up with Brienne of Tarth; Dany took a massive step towards proving her family reputation by burning all the Khals alive in one fell swoop. For better or worse, our heroes win battle after battle in season 6, all building to season 6’s penultimate episode, “Battle of the Bastards.”

To be fair, we all knew how the battle was probably going to turn out. Surely the Double D’s, advised by George R. R. Martin, aren’t as malicious as to bring our favorite hero back, just to kill him again and have the villain win the day as it’s been for almost 6 full seasons! It was time to stop the buck and let the good guys have their day.

In the moment, I thought Jon wasn’t going to make it. The shot of him held down in the mud by dozens of his own dead soldiers made me feel super claustrophobic and physically scared for him. When the Knights of the Vale led by Little Finger and Sansa rode up to save the day (deus ex machinas are pet peeves of mine), I felt relief knowing the battle was all down hill from that juncture. Jon had it in the bag, but he had to finish the job.

In the two days since “Battle of the Bastards” aired, I must have watched that 2-minute scene with Jon and Ramsay one-on-one about twenty times. That’s the cathartic moment we’ve needed for six long years of rape, torture and evil deeds. That’s the climax we’ve wanted for our heroes since Jamie Lannister drew his sword against Ned Stark in season one. And when it came, boy, did it come!


In this moment, when Jon’s eyes fill with madness, staring down Ramsay Snow thinking of all the evil things he could unleash back on this young psycho, we become Jon Snow. Ramsay isn’t simply Ramsay Snow any longer. He represents all the evil of ice and fire, all the heroes we’ve lost, all the occasions where the good guys – the men and women trying to do the just thing – failed because some tyrannical opposition cheated to get the upper hand. Ramsay is Ned Stark’s execution, he is the Red Wedding, he is the entirety of Joffrey’s shittiness, he is Tyrion’s unfair trial, he is Oberyn Martell’s brutal death at the hands of the Gregor Clegane, and he is Lord Commander Jon Snow betrayed by his own brothers at Castle Black. Every bit of pent-up revenge we’ve wanted so dearly to give back indeed is released in the most brutal, savage, bloodthirsty scene possible, and it’s everything we could have wanted. No one wanted Jon and Sansa to live above their enemies. No one wanted to see Ramsay without a scratch on him, in the dungeons awaiting trial. All we wanted was cold, hard revenge. Our victory was dirty, it was untidy, it was hard fought, it came at great costs, but it’s a victory.


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Captain America: Civil War thoughts


CivilWar_PunmagnetoIn contrast to my views on BvS, Captain America: Civil War was a fantastic, fun and emotional ride that had me locked in from start to finish. The 13th entry into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe may very well be its best with so many characters balanced perfectly, new heroes introduced, additional villains for future conflicts and an overall seismic shift in hero dynamics moving forward. While I did enjoy Avengers: Age of Ultron, I didn’t love it like I thought I was going to heading into the film. But to be fair, it’s almost impossible for any MCU movie to recapture the awesome feeling of the original Avengers, when we saw all our favorite heroes team up for the very first time like we’ve never seen any other super hero movie do before. Civil War felt like a make-up for the underwhelming Age of Ultron. And for me, it took the concept of The Avengers and turned it on its head. These characters that we’ve built up so much emotion for and have seen squabble in the past now get to full on brawl with each other like we’ve never seen in a super hero movie before. Even smaller characters who aren’t as well fleshed out in the MCU like Scarlett Witch, Falcon or Vision get their time to shine, really coming into their own as established heroes. After Civil War, there’s no hero I’m bored with and no hero, I believe, couldn’t use their own solo film. I certainly can’t discuss every single awesome thing in Civil War, because I thought it was all awesome, but I will discuss a few specific points that vastly captured my attention.

  • Uncharacteristic Stark

The appeal of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark has always been his quick, witty and overall playful attitude throughout the MCU. The genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist set the precedent of what a Marvel movie should be, but in Civil War that comical spirit is only a glimmer, replaced with a darker, morose Stark. I’m not saying it’s not for good reason, I mean he’s been accused of murder, Pepper left him and he’s trying to arrest his own tony-stark-civil-war-728x409friends, but it’s a turn that we’ve never seen the character take, even in Iron Man 3 when things seemed the most dire for him. At first I couldn’t tell if I liked it, but on further reflection, I do like that the events of the MCU have weathered Stark, that the eight years since he’s become a hero are affecting him mentally. It gives the world context. This isn’t just another adventure for our heroes to partake in – it’s a story informed by consequential, Earth-shattering events that can’t be ignored any more. Stark’s sullen attitude personifies that destruction that the Avengers have left in their wake.

  • Bucky-Falcon relationshit 

Sam Wilson (Falcon) doesn’t like Bucky (Winter Soldier) all the much, that’s clear. He sees Bucky as the crazy master assassin that he was brainwashed into being for sixty plus years. But, because of his faith and friendship with Cap, Wilson puts up with Bucky, going to great lengths to help Cap find Bucky, becoming a criminal in the process. It’s clearly awkward in scenes where it’s just the two of them – Bucky being the old best friend and Sam, the new blood, trying to replace Bucky in Cap’s heart. But, they don’t hate each other, and their scenes of animosity are playful rather than bitter – examples being the car scene and when Spider-Man webs them up real good. I’m happy we get to see a funny side of the Winter Soldier in Civil War because it shows he’s not just a one-dimensional character. I have confidence that he could stand on his own without Cap or other Avengers for his own solo film or possibly replacing a current beloved MCU hero. Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-villain-Wallpaper

  • Ant-Man/Giant-Man

For the amount of moodiness Stark brings to Civil War, Scott Lang carries the same amount of levity to every scene he’s in. Whether he’s geeking out over Captain America or tossing out quips in between throwing punches, he perfectly balances his humor with the overall brutality of the whole movie. But beyond his personality, it’s awesome seeing him as Giant-Man! Going from the smallest super hero ever to one of the largest is a hilarious juxtaposition, one that Paul Rudd handles just as you think he would. Honestly, that’s my only gripe about Ant-Man and Scott Lang – the actor comes through more than the character. Paul Rudd is great as a super hero, but he’s still unmistakably Paul Rudd.

  • Spider-Man 

Captain-America-Civil-War-Spider-ManIt was a long time coming, but Spider-Man is finally back where he belongs. Many reviewers are saying he’s the best part of the movie, and that’s because he genuinely is. Tom Holland brings a whimsicality to Peter Parker and Spider-Man that we haven’t ever seen on-screen. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were both simply too old to do right by the hero’s teenaged roots. Both their Peter Parkers grew up to fast and never touched the struggle of going out to fight crime and save the day while worrying about a History test you haven’t yet studied for. Even against a well established actor like Downey Jr., Holland commands the screen in every scene he’s in. He’s a wide-eyed, naive, awkward teenager who’s being put up against these god-like heroes, but he’s just as powerful, if not more so than some of them. The only reason he doesn’t completely destroy say Captain America is because his abilities are still unpolished and new. He says to Stark when they first meet that he’s only been at it for six months. We get no back story, only a few blurry videos that Stark’s somehow captured with Parker swinging around New York. And for me, that’s plenty of back story. We’ve seen Parker get bit by a radioactive spider and Uncle Ben die twice in the span of ten years already. The general public knows what makes Peter Parker Spider-Man. We don’t know much about Homecoming yet, but we know it takes place after the events of Civil War, as most people expect it would. Marvel’s been good about keeping their movies in line with real-time, so we luckily won’t be heading back to where it all happened for Parker.

I think if most MCU fans had their way, they would put Spider-Man as a founding 060213_spideygraduationfeatAvengers member – have Spider-Man part of the MCU from the very beginning. However, when I really think about it, I’m glad Spider-Man is swinging in when he is. I like that he’s just a kid tossed in the middle of this tumultuous team of heroes. I like even more that Stark is helping him along his hero development, sort of as a guiding light to help him learn what it really means to be an Avenger. Stark he’s not full on Avenger yet, obviously, but I bet he’ll be front and center when Thanos comes knocking on Earth’s door.

  • Brutality 

The end fight between Cap, Bucky and Iron Man was especially brutal and emotional. Maybe this is a little dramatic, but with every punch I could feel Stark and Rogers’ friendship being ripped apart. When Stark’s helmet comes off and we see his bloody face as Cap is on top of him, I felt real fear for Stark. Cap has a chance to kill him, but luckily his humanity takes over and he instead disables Stark’s suit. It was actually hard to watch these two teammates who I’ve enjoyed seeing work together so much trying to rip each other apart. And aside from Cap and Iron Man, Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine, is permanently crippled! That’s pretty heavy, Doc, but I’m glad no one actually dies because I didn’t want some contrived, unbelievable plot about brining the character back to life for Infinity War. When the credits role, nothing is resolved. Team Cap and Team Iron Man are still at odds, Team Cap looked at as criminals. But that’s great set-up for the next Avengers. They’ll have to put their personal feelings aside to save the world yet again.Captain-America-Civil-War-Trailer-1-Iron-Man-War-Machine-1024x512

So by the end of Civil War, out heroes are divided, Cap’s leading the Secret Avengers, Stark is leading the regular Avengers and Spider-Man has new tech to play with for his solo film next year. We’re heading into uncharted territory in Phase Three of the MCU. While Phase Two had mostly sequels to established heroes, Phase Three will have us meet a lot of new characters like Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and the already introduced Spider-Man and Black Panther (hopefully the Inhumans are somewhere mixed in as well). With Civil War, the Russo brothers have shown they can handle large casts of heroes effectively. That makes me very excited for Infinity War, which will no doubt include even more heroes.