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Is Technology Wearing You?

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At the beginning of the century was the big MP3 player push. Then, smart phones were all the rage, beginning of course with the iPhone. Now, wearable technology, technology that goes beyond the confines of your pocket, is the next phenomenon in the tech world.

What exactly is “wearable  technology”? From today’s examples, it’s glasses, watches, heart rate monitors, etc. They mean to improve your quality of life by giving you easier ways to access information, or at least that’s what consumer electronics companies want you to believe. To most people, they will be viewed as a fashion statement, something that isn’t necessarily used to its full potential by the average consumer, but is worn about simply to show “hey I’m part of this fad,” much like the iPhone.

Companies these days don’t innovate to further the human experience, they do it to make money, and if they help someone out in the process, then that’s just gravy. Top tech companies looking to bring new consumer electronics to the market are Samsung, Google, and Apple. Samsung is leading in terms of amount of wearable technology currently out for consumer use, but only because they’ve chosen to release low quality products in order to be first. Google has been slow to bring their consumer tech to market. They are most notably working on Glass, a computer in your glasses. Apple has a long rumored smart watch in the works, but those rumors are unwarranted as that company plays everything to so close to the chest.

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The problem to me with all this new “stuff” coming out is that to most people it is just stuff. These companies need only to make something look shiny and say it’s new and people will blindly flock to it in the millions. The average person doesn’t fully know what hidden features are built into the things they buy which therefore allows tech companies to put things like tracking software in their devices letting them add to the giant digital file they have on your life.

This may sound like a crazy conspiracy theory, but recent developments over the past few years have proven that people are watching you. Every aspect of your life is being documented somehow, from the food you buy at the grocery store, to the trips you take for vacation, to what time you go to bed. Technology companies compile all the information they can get so they can put you in your own “filter bubble” which allows you to see only things favorable to you, things that you’ve freely given information about in your daily life. We all live in an online utopia. A place that has been catered to us, but not for us. As wearable technology progresses, we can expect more of our lives to be stealthily probed so we don’t even know it’s happening. Big Brother is watching.


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