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First Ki$$

I’m sure by now most of you have seen “First Kiss,” the video of complete strangers meeting for the first time and passionately kissing in front of camera. The charming video has captured over 68 million views on YouTube in just about a month. With so much bad news happening around the world on a daily basis, “First Kiss” reminds us that there are still genuine people out there who are only looking to give love for the sake of love. I, like most people, was captivated by this video because of these reasons and immediately shared it on Facebook because I thought everyone had to see it.

But alas, like most things that are too good to be true, it was a sham. When the initial warmth of the video wears away, one begins to question the validity of what just happened.  A small bit of snooping reveals that the video was actually a clothing advertisement for clothing company Wren and the founder of the company, Melissa Coker, had commissioned Tatia Pilivea to create the video to showcase her call collection. This fact, in retrospect, should have been obvious since the very start of the video has “Wren presents” on the first screen. Also, when you think about it, would people just taken off the street be so down to do this and act so sophisticated? I’m not so positive. I think if anything, using “real” people would have made the video more comedic, and probably less enjoyable.

So I guess this means that we can go back to hating humanity again. There is no beauty in the world without money to back it up. Is true art gone? In such a busy world, is there no time for goodness to be shared every once in a while?

If nothing else, the video did spawn a bunch of hilarious parody videos. I guess it was worth it.


One thought on “First Ki$$

  1. IT’S FAKE?! I am so shocked, but after all of the recent hoaxes by Jimmy Kimmel, I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s sad, since everyone believed that this was the beginning of some love stories! I hadn’t seen the first sh*t parody yet, that was painfully funny.

    I even saw that Justin Timberlake’s new music video is a ‘film’ to find a couple that got engaged on a train in NYC using a JT song, and the audience doesn’t find out if JT’s team has found them yet, but I surely hope that they do & it’s not a hoax! It’d be nice for a real love story to make the press without the promise of fame and money from a fake story.

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