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Justin Bieber: Former Child Star

Justin Bieber. The biggest name in popular culture right now. Over only about four short years, Bieber has gone through many different stages in the minds of the general public. He began as a wide-eyed YouTube sensation who made money off his cuteness and charm. He then became a more respected pop artist putting out multi-million dollar albums and selling out concerts around the world. There he stayed for a while. As we’ve seen with mega stars like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Lindsay Lohan, the fall from the top is an ugly one. Justin Bieber seems to be in the midst of his right now. With this latest act of what I can only describe as “douche-baggery,” Bieber cemented himself in the eyes of the public as an stuck-up, cocky prick who thinks he’s above the law.

It’s not kosher to wish bad will on someone, but I think most people will agree when I say I sincerely hope Bieber falls off a bridge.


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