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Twitching to Success

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“Given an infinite amount of time, a thousand monkeys with typewriters would eventually write the entire works of Shakespeare.”

Such is the case on Twitch, where, for about a month and a half , people on the internet have had the ability to play a game of Pokemon simply by commenting what the sprite on the screen should do next. When I say people on the internet, I mean everyone on the internet, about eight thousand to fifteen thousand at any given time… playing one game of Pokemon. Giving thousands of commands per minute. And, spoiler alert, they’ve already finished two games!

Don’t think of it as just a bunch of nerds trying to play Pokemon together. It is exactly that, but use your imagination to think of it as something interesting. It’s a booming topic among the underground internet crowd, made popular by Reddit and 4 Chan.

The culture that’s spawned from it is quite fascinating for those in the know. Different factions have been created among those who want a clean and orderly game experience and those who want nothing but chaos, an unruly mess of commands keeping the game from being finished. Also, different in game occurrences such as when some item is found or when some Pokemon is caught have randomly caught a lot of fan fair. One such occurrence is the worship of one bird Pokemon. It’s referred to as “Bird Jesus” because through the chaos of everyone trying to in-game nickname it at once, the input read “aaabaaajss.” Users took the last three letters as the word “Jesus” and thus the meta-cult of Bird Jesus was born.

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Beyond the funny nerd factors, it’s amazing to me that these games are getting finished. It’s difficult enough to play any one of these Pokemon games on your own. They’re complicated and often take thought out strategy and planning to succeed. So when you have upwards of 10,000 people doing it all at once, you would think it would be damn near impossible to finish the game. But out of the chaos, democracy broke through. The trolls were ultimately shut out allowing faceless strangers to work together to achieve a common goal.

Definitely inspiring, but also hilarious when things go awry.



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