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Reader Poll: Which Show Should I Watch?

I’ve never really been a big serial show watcher. I always say I’m going to commit to a show, but after the pilot episode, I never stay on schedule then end up falling way behind. I’m constantly hearing how great this show is or the amazing thing that happened on that show. I badly want to be part of the water cooler talk, but sadly I’m left behind. The only show I’ve kept up with since its debut is The Walking Dead. But the show’s fourth season just wrapped up, so I have to wait till October for zombie killing goodness.

Luckily for me there’s sites like NetflixHulu Plus, and HBO GO where I can watch episodes of shows I’ve missed at my leisure. I desperately want a show that I can hang my hat on, but there’s so many to choose from. Below are a few shows that I think would interest me. Vote on which you like best, or leave a comment with a suggestion.



3 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Which Show Should I Watch?

  1. GoT is great, confusing at first to figure out the houses and who’s the bad guys and good guys.
    Dexter is also dark, sexy, and I won’t ruin it, but the series finale is so unexpected and doesn’t do the series justice.
    I also suggest House, which is on Netflix with the complete series.
    Or Sons of Anarchy, it takes a bit of effort to get really into it.

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