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E.T. Boned Home Consoles


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E.T. is an all time classic movie. Another 80’s masterpiece that inspired millions of people world wide. The 1982 video game… not so remarkable. It was so bad in fact that it almost destroyed the entire video game industry which was at that time slumping. As a result, Atari took unsold truckloads of the game and buried them deep in the New Mexico desert so that people may forget the abomination the entertainment company had spawn.

And so people did. It became an urban legend, a tall tale wished to never be heard from again.

Until this weekend.

A documentary about the fall of the Atari gaming system tentatively called “Atari: Game Over” hired excavators to dig up the rumored burial ground. What they found was not only the infamous E.T. game, but also a slue of about 700,000 cartridges which Atari discarded in 1983 as the company was going under. It chose to dump all their remaining merchandise so scavengers couldn’t get their hands on the games and resell them.

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A large crowd of onlookers gathered to what would happen. When the diggers unearth the legendary E.T. the masses went nuts cheering for what’s considered the worst game in video game history.


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