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Hollywood Goons

Here we go again! Like Karate Kid, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones (just to name a few), Hollywood doesn’t know when to say enough’s enough. “The Goonies” is a film that many Americans hold near and dear to their heart; easily one of the top 10 films of the 80’s in my estimation. It’s a film that transcends generations with it’s timeless message of camaraderie and fortitude. It’s story is complete: a group of young friends set out to find a rumored treasure to help their town which is in dire financial trouble. They overcome insurmountable odds to find this treasure and their town is saved. Simple and effective. What more could we want?

image credit: stupid
image credit: stupid

Apparently original director Richard Donner and Hollywood legend (and sometimes huge pain in the ass) Steven Speilberg think the story isn’t finished. A sequel to the 1985 classic is reportedly in the works, with Speilberg leading in the drafting process. No official word yet on whether the sequel will include any of the original cast. Sean Astin, who played the main character Mikey in the original said a sequel “will happen. I’m 1000 percent certain there will be a sequel.”

Though unfortunate for many fine with the nostalgia from the original, maybe a “Goonies” sequel is inevitable… because Goonies never say die.


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