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Leo wants the Jobs

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Leo DiCaprio has been rumored to be in talks with Sony Pictures to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic about Jobs’ life based on 2011’s Walter Isaacson’s biography. This movie is seemingly coming on the heels of 2013’s mediocre “Jobs” which stared Ashton Kutcher as the late great Steve Jobs. This time, however, the script was penned by the critically acclaimed  Aaron Sorkin. Unfortunately we won’t see a “The Social Network” reunion between Sorkin and director David Fincher as Fincher declined the directing job. Instead “Slumdog Millionaire” director David Boyle will he at the movie’s helm.

Personally, I’ve always had an affinity for the brilliant Jobs. He’s been an idol of mine ever since I started really paying attention to pop-culutre. Like many others, “Jobs” didn’t quite hit the mark. I felt as though it was a very main stream view on Jobs’ life. I read the 2011 biography after his untimely death and thought Isaacson did an amazing job. A script based on his book is much more welcomed as the novel held quotes that no other outlet has. Sorkin is one of the greatest script-writes in the business so I’ll be keeping a  close eye on this project.


2 thoughts on “Leo wants the Jobs

  1. I can’t see Leo being a convincing Jobs….but then again he’ll be more convincing than Ashton Kutcher…Like Becca said it seems as if he’s really shooting for that oscar he so rightly deserves

  2. This meets so many of the requirements for being an Oscar contender: biopic, physical transformation and a genius/outsider type role. Maybe Leo is just gunning for an Oscar (not that he needs one to validate his work… of course!). If he does play Jobs, what do you think his chances at an Oscar will be? Or is he forever cursed?

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