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Don’t Call it a Comeback

Hello loyal readership, of which I’m sure there are none!

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared my uncultured thoughts on trivial matters. Well I’m back at it! Or at least I’m going to try to be… This blog was started, and has so far only been, for my Writing for Online and Social Media class whereby I had to write about a certain theme an maintain it through the Spring 2014 semester. I enjoyed it at the time and promised myself I’d keep up with it into the summer and throughout the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, I grew uninspired and my blog posts became outdated. The few readers I had have undoubtedly unfollowed this blog by now. But now is when I relight the torch and bring Popularly Uncultured out of its stasis!

The World Wide Web is a wonderful place. Celebrity and commoner alike are on an equal playing field in terms of media spreadability and idea dispersal. YouTube stars are the way of the future and I aim to get in on the action. The main goal with Popularly Uncultured is to get my ideas out of my head and into the head of other people, with the hopes of eventually picking up an audience of like-minded people who like my shit. This is easier said than done of course, but I’m going to work hard at it because I really believe this medium will grant me the largest opportunity to get to a place I want to get to.

Now to the content. It will be the same as it’s always been: popular culture. Whatever is trending week to week I’ll be commenting on. Blog posts probably won’t be longer than 500, unless there’s some huge breaking news that I feel passionately about. I’m going to try to keep to a regular schedule of at least one post every Friday. I also will be trying to put together more video podcasts with the help of a couple friends. Those will go up on YouTube and Popularly Uncultured on Saturday (if all goes well).

Thanks, friends. Looking forward to the feedback!


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