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Spider-Man swings into the MCU

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Marvel and Sony have come to terms on an agreement that will bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Up until now, Sony has had full control of the character, with the original trilogy in 2002, 2004, 2007 and two rebooted films in 2012 and 2014. After the mediocre The Amazing Spider-Man films, Sony has decided yet again to reboot the character, letting Kevin Feige, overseer of the entire Marvel slate of films, take creative control. Ultimately, Sony will have final say in how Marvel used their character, but the potential for him showing up along side Marvel’s hero in any capacity is exciting.

Spider-Man will first appear in an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, though which one has not been announced. Back in November, the Sony hacks revealed that a deal for Spider-Man to show up in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War was previously in place, but fell through. Speculation is that Spider-Man will still appear in Cap 3 with this new deal.

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Since Marvel began building their MCU, I’ve been fully on board with every movie they’ve introduced. While I wasn’t previously a comic book fan, these films got me interested to go back and learn more about these characters. The way Marvel has (relatively) grounded these character in the real world has be attractive to old and new fans across the globe. At this point, fans have a great deal of trust in whatever Kevin Feige decides is the next direction for the MCU, evident by the hundreds of millions previously obscure superhero franchise Guardians of the Galaxy brought in. I’m interested to see how Feige can reshape Spider-Man with a uniquely Marvel tone. Even more than that, I’m excited to see how a teenage Peter Parker (Spier-Man) will interact when up against superhero juggernauts like Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Steve Rodgers (Captain America).


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