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Springing forwards, but stepping backwards

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On Monday, Apple held it’s “Spring Forward” media event in San Fransisco to give updates on Apple TV, Apple Pay, MacBook, and the highly rumored about Apple Watch. The Watch will be available for pre-order on April 10 with a April 24th  release date. Price tiers range from a steep $349 for the base model Sport to a staggering $17,000 for the most expensive Apple Watch Edition. The bands follow suit with prices ranging from $49 to $449! For a f****** watch band! The watch comes in three makes: aluminum body for the Sport, stainless steel for the Watch, and gold for the Edition.

As you may have seen from a few earlier posts, I’m deep into the Apple lifestyle. I’m a clear example of someone who’s been drinking the “Cult of Apple’s” Kool-Aid for years and have literally bought into everything they’re selling. Back in September when they first unveiled Apple Watch, my excitement was tempered. I was ecstatic that Apple was finally entering the smart watch category, but I wasn’t sold on the aesthetics of the device. Over the past few months, I’ve read just about everything about Apple Watch, watching videos on it, and trying to make it, in my mind, more appealing, which I accomplished. Before the event, I was poised to drop $350 or a little more on an Apple Watch just based on the fact that it was a new Apple product and it was shiny (I know. Like I said, I’ve been taking a few too many gulps of Apple’s Kool-Aid). Now that it’s over, I’m questioning my commitment to Apple and by extension my entire existence.

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I’ve been able to justify the price on almost every Apple product. I bought my first iPhone for $200, a good amount of money, but worth it because of all the functionality a smart phone has. I paid $400 for my iPad mini, a bit more money, definitely a steep investment for me at the time, but for all the convenience a tablet brings and the amount of use I’ve gotten out of it has confirmed my decision to purchase many times over. My MacBook Pro, same thing: a lot of money at almost $1200, but I needed a laptop for school and a computer is an investment that’s still paying off to this day. I’ve been happy with all my previous Apple purchases to this point. But now I look at Apple Watch and what it does and doesn’t do. The functionality it impressive, being able to check emails, make calls, and monitor your home all from your wrist could be useful, but I can’t justify spending a bare minimum of $350 just for the convenience of leaving my phone in my pocket. This product, to me, has little practical application in read life like iPhone and iPad does. It’s main reason for being is to be fashion statement, made annoyingly clear by the $10,000 base model Edition that Tim Cook awkwardly announced on stage. Over the past couple years, Apple has made its most popular products (iPhone, iPad, iPod) accessible to the public by having tiers catering to everyone’s financial situation. While they could change the price points in the future, a la iPhone from 2007 to 2008, Apple should have gone with the affordability route right from the starting point. I want to buy innovative Apple products that I enjoy using. I want to buy a smart watch from Apple. But the message they sent today was two steps backwards, putting people back in the mindset that Apple products are expensive and only for the elite. I’m not going to buy a $400 smart watch and even if I do, I’m certainly not going to spend $249 on a god damn wrist strap for it. I sincerely hope this product crashes and burns because Apple has had a history of learning from its mistakes and coming back with a better product. Early adopters be warned: don’t but this product.


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