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Black emoji matter

This week Apple rolled out its newest iOS update bringing its usual list of incremental improvements and bug fixes as we’ve come to expect between year to year new iOS launches. 8.3 is special, though. Apple has added a feature that proponents of it have long-awaited for- racially diverse emoji.


The update included over 300 new emoji characters to choose from with every shade of color a human being can be, from dark to light dark to barely brown to yellow. Also included in the Apple’s affirmative action update was groups of people with all manners of familial variety- two men and a little girl, two women and a little boy, two men and a little boy, two women and a little girl and so on and so forth. It seems that if there is a different type of people in the world, aside from the traditional nuclear family, Apple has an emoji to accommodate them. Funny part is, if users with the update send the new emoji to users who have not updated their phones yet, the emoji will appear as alien icons.

I really have no opinions about the new emoji colors, I just think they’re funny to look at. All of the former white face people can now be viewed as black and brown, which to me looks racist in a minstrel show sort of way. If I ever use emoji, I usually just use the yellow smiley faces to express myself. I like the new UI flow of the emoji space, all emoji just sort of flow together instead of tapping through each section.  The only thing I dislike about the new set is the lack of different colored poo emoji. Poo can be all different colors and I find it offensive that Apple thinks all poos look the same.


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