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Joker running Squad deep

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Last week, director David Ayer revealed Jared Leto’s new Joker costume and make-up for the upcoming villain film Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad, in DC comics, is a group of some of the worst super villains the DC universe has to offer.

Sunday, Ayer tweeted out a photo of the rest of the Suicide Squad actors in full regalia, most notables being Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Will Smith as Deadshot. Photos of Smith on the set have also surfaced, showing him in long coat and cowboy hat in what seems like Deadshot’s street clothes.

Ben Affleck was spotted on the set in the full cape and cowl, all but confirming the prediction that Batman would be featured along side his nemeses in some capacity.

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Back to Leto. You can’t talk about the new Joker without first talking about the old one. Heath Ledger’s Joker is thought by many as the greatest presentation of the character ever on film, and I share that sentiment. While Ledger’s Joker wasn’t fully faithful to the comic book version that fans have been familiar with for decades, he did stay true to most of the aesthetics – green hair, crazed look, purple suit and genius intellect that Joker is known for. Ledger and Nolan also kept true to the fact that Joker could never match up with Batman in hand-to-hand combat.

I’m unsure what exact tone the new DC Universe films are going for, but it looks like it’s a strange mix between Nolan’s version of Gotham (grounded in reality) and the comic book’s outlandish portrayals of these characters. Seemingly every familiar character in this new universe changed in some way that makes them new to the audience. Leto’s Joker is a prison-hardened psychopath with more muscle than we’ve seen the Joker have before. Tattoos of iconic Joker imagery cover his body, creating a self-awareness of his own character imagery, or maybe in this new DC Universe he is trying to create the imagery himself, as if people in that universe had never heard of Joker. The tattoos go along with the prison-hardened theme, but the “damaged” tattoo on his forehead is taking it too far, especially if we have to look at that tattoo all movie. Hopefully at some point in the movie Leto dawns the rest of Joker’s outfit, purple suite jacket and all.

Before The Dark Knight, I was part of the masses questioning Nolan’s pick for Ledger as Joker. Afterwards, I was kicking myself for how horribly wrong I’d been. Because of that, I’m never questioning a casting decision before I’ve seen the performance again.  That being said, the unfamiliarity of the new Joker is concerning. If I had it my way, Ledger’s Joker would be the last one ever played on screen. I supposed I should be more open minded, though. I won’t say I’m excited to see the Suicide Squad movie, but I will say that I am curious to see it.


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