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Don’t paint, play video games!

Fallout-4-Nvidia-GameWorksIn a year where we’ve seen two Marvel movies, a Jurassic Park sequel, and the most anticipated “Fast” film ever, two video games sit atop the entertainment mountain. In it’s first weekend, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 brought in $550 million, at the time making it the biggest entertainment launch this year. Just four days later, Fallout 4, one of the most anticipated video games of all time, made an estimated $750 million in its first 24 hours alone.

This is a big deal to no one really, other than the people actually making all this money. However, any time I see video games in the pop culture spotlight I like to point it out. Though the medium is still very young, video games are just as important an art form as music or film. It can be argued video games are actually the most effective way of delivering a narrative given the one to one relationship the consumer shares with the on-screen character. In a world where comic book movies and other nerdy properties are mainstream, it’s time we destigmatize games as children’s hobbies and start considering them proper forms of entertainment. Video games were a big part of my childhood and I’m not ashamed to say they’ll be with me until I die.


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