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Red makes me blue

YouTube-RedAds on YouTube have always been an annoyance, but for so much free content, I could tolerate a short commercial here and there. However, with YouTube now pushing their new subscription service, YouTube Red, I’m feeling a greater aggravation towards adverts than ever before. It seems YouTube is increasing the instances of advertisements before content to harass me into giving them $10 a month for a service that I’ve always known as free.

Let me qualify – these are simply my observations, not based on factual, scientific analysis in any way. It seems for me, ads have increased. This may not be the case for the next consumer.

For me it’s a matter of principle. Of course I could shell out $10 for yet another content subscription service like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, but I don’t think it’s acceptable for that platform. YouTube is web videos; they almost have a monopoly on all short-form video content on the web. When something big happens around the world, people immediately search YouTube for visualizations. More and more, people are less likely to read an article when they can just watch it in half the time. This is why YouTube is so important. It goes hand-in-hand with net neutrality and keeping the Internet free for everyone. It’s our First Amendment right to consume worldly information without having to pay a tax for it. YouTube, like the Internet itself, should be considered a public utility necessary for the well-being of humanity.

Of course I’m overblowing YouTube’s current state of affairs. Fact is, everything is still free with very little premium content available for YouTube Red subs. I just hope it stays that way. I get most of my daily viewable content from YouTube ranging from short, one-off viral videos, to weekly web shows from my favorite Internet personalities. I fear that if YouTube Red really takes off, eventually individual channels will jump on the premium content bandwagon shutting me out of the stuff that gets me through the day. Google owns YouTube of course, who has proven a benevolent ruler on Internet facilitation. If the day comes where I have to pay a service charge before enjoying a funny cat video, I’ll know capitalism has gone too far.


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