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TWD:”Always Accountable” thoughts


- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC“Always Accountable” finally puts an end to Rick’s “walker operation” series. Daryl, Sasha and Abraham drive the zombies far enough away from Alexandria and now they get to go home. This episode is yet another Rick-less episode, a growing theme of season 6. Granted, this season is supposed to be more about the Alexandrians changing than our heroes, but I’m craving some Rick-mother-fucking-Grimes moments. Knowing where TWD story is headed, I’m positive there will be more of those moments coming soon.

Like last week, “Always  Accountable” is about taking inventory of where our heroes stand. It also sets up possible characters for future events and gives some solutions to problems currently facing Alexandria: specifically a fuel truck.

As it opens, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha peel off from the walker herd and head in the direction of home. They get derailed and separated by a presently unknown group who ambush them with gun fire. Sasha and Abraham take down their pursuers, but Daryl, having less protection riding his motorcycle, takes off into the woods. Exhausted, he collapses in a patch of forrest completely burnt to a crisp, which is later explained as a mass zombie extermination.

Walker - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Three people (later reduced to two) take him captive. They think he’s part of a group they’re running from, that they were part of. Daryl helps his new mates fend off the group who’s hunting them and they all get away. Of course, in this world we’ve learned that we can’t trust anyone. Daryl’s acquaintances, desperate to stay free from the anonymous group, steal Daryl’s bike and leave him high and dry. Luckily, in a deus ex machina moment, Daryl finds the aforementioned fuel truck. He takes it, picks up Abraham and Sasha and heads home.

The people Daryl meets seem like nice people, despite knocking him out and taking him prisoner. They’re desperate for sure, this anonymous group that’s after them seems pretty tough. Since they weren’t ripped thapart by walkers and have all Daryl’s stuff, we’ll most definitely see them again. With the new threat coming up next season, they’ll be able to provide important information to Rick and other not yet revealed allies.

I call this new threatening group “anonymous group” because the leader of the team hunting Daryl’s new friends face is never shown. This is obviously done on purpose because that guy has something on his face to make him instantly recognizable – a super awful burn mark if I was to guess. This leads me to believe this character is a man named Dwight who is a top member of The Saviors. These guys are the baddest dudes we’ve ever seen in TWD to date, lead by a homicidal, sociopathic maniac named Negan. For as boring some may think this season to be, the appearance of anonymous group means good things for action oriented TWD fans.

On the other side of town, Sasha and Abraham hold up in a car insurance building where they compare who is dealing with the zombie apocalypse the least constructively. Abraham has a PTSD episode while out going for a walk and gets a rocket launcher out of it. He tells Sasha she’s into him and he likes it, something she sort of confirms.



Maybe it’s part of Abraham’s crazy, but if he screws things up with Rosita, he deserves to be the next cast member killed off. It happens in the comic, sure, but Christian Serratos is god damn gorgeous. Losing her is a fate worse than zombification. I REALLY hope neither of them act on their compulsions.

In the closing seconds of “Always Accountable,” we hear a voice from a walkie. It faintly says, “Help.” The most popular theory is that the voice is Glenn calling from beneath the dumpster he crawled under because HE’S NOT DEAD (unconfirmed). It could be Rick from inside the trailer – we never saw how he got out of his sticky situation. A far fetched theory is that it could be from a new character who we haven’t met yet, but are due to meet soon, i.e. Jesus.



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