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12 days of Christmas media

I feel a strong urgency to rekindle my love of Christmas. What better way to do that than through my favorite form or media: movies. Every day (starting 12/12) until Christmas, I’m going to consume a different holiday movie or special that will hopefully make me look at Christmas as more of a “time” again rather than just the “day” that it has become. I’ll be watching a movie/ special, reviewing it, then explaining why it’s prudent and special to me. If you have suggestions, please tweet me them @Un_Popularly, otherwise the selection on a given day will be random. Let me clarify, these movies/ specials I’ll be watching may not be considered in society as “holiday” films, but they will all be set at or around Christmas time, i.e. Iron Man 3 or Die Hard.

I know my Christmas spirit is still deep inside me somewhere, I just need the right narrative, cinematography, sounds, mise-en-scene, and editing to bring it out.


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