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Doom and gloom in new Batman v Superman trailer

On the heels of the first Captain America: Civil War trailer revealed last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel again got the chance to reveal yet another nerdy trailer from Marvel’s arch rival. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will go head to head with the MCU’s next installment this summer trying to build its own cinematic universe to compete with Kevin Feige’s creation. We got a tease for this trailer on Monday (because even teaser trailers have teaser trailers now) showing a very pissed off Superman unmasking a very frightened Batman.

This trailer is our first look since July at Batman and Superman in action, both in uniform and in public. There seems to be animosity between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne when they first speak in this trailer, which makes me wonder if they know each other’s secret identities right off the bat (no pun intended). Even from this short meeting between the two heroes, it shows how dark and unrelenting this Bruce Wayne/ Batman is. He has the courage to look Superman in the face, a god-like figure in his own words, and call him a clown. I know a lot of people were doubting the Ben Affleck casting when it originally got announced, but he’s been super believable as the gritty, chewed up, pessimistic, brooding and intense old Bruce Wayne that he’s suppose to represent.

On the other hand, I’m not so confident in Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. The eccentric and flamboyant evil genius is an interesting direction to take the normally stoic and powerful billionaire, but to me it just comes off as cartoonish, a strange juxtaposition against callous world DC is trying to building. He’s no doubt manipulative as we’ve seen Superman bow down to him and Senator Finch share a stiff drink with him in past trailers. It’s possible that like Superman and Batman, Lex Luthor is putting on a fake secret identity to keep the public unaware of his nefarious deeds.

This trailer is cool. Admittedly, I’m not as big a DC fan as I am of Marvel. I love Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy (well, two out of three films anyway), but that’s because the trilogy is a character study about the rise and fall of Bruce Wayne, not the world he lives in or aquaman-jason-momoathe villains that inhabit Gotham. We never get a back story for Scarecrow, Joker or Bane because their backstories aren’t what the saga is focused on. With everything DC is packing into Batman v Superman – Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, Doomsday, Lex Luthor – they want us to care about a whole universe of heroes before we are introduced to them individually. Man of Steel tried, but ultimately that movie was all spectacle focusing on fights between aliens we barely knew with little backstory explaining how Kal-El grew to become a great hero who’s to save mankind.

Marvel, on the other hand, introduced each Avenger one at a time to gain fans’ interests. Each character got their own movie with their own backstory complete with reasons why we should care about each of them. Save for a couple tertiary heroes (Hawkeye, Black Widow), we knew about and cared about Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Steve Rodgers and Thor before they ever teamed up to create one giant spectacle.

Without a doubt I’ll see Batman v Superman in theaters, but I’m going into it with low expectations. I go into every Marvel movie excited for the next addition to the MCU because Marvel is colorful and flashy and happy. DC’s cinematic universe is dark and despondent and dismal. I get Batman’s melancholy tone, but that’s part of his shtick, that’s who the hero is. There’s no reason Superman and Wonder Woman, two traditionally upbeat characters, need to be brought down to Gotham’s level.

Also, this trailer spoils almost the whole movie! Why do we need to see Doomsday now and why does he look like a Michael Bay Ninja Turtle? CGI KILLS, PEOPLE!




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