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12 days of Christmas media – day 7: Iron Man 3

Iron-Man-3-Christmas-TriviaOf course Iron Man 3 isn’t categorized as a Christmas movie per se, but it takes place around Christmas time and there are clear Christmas trees and decor in different scenes of the movie. So for me: CHRISTMAS MEDIA.

Iron Man 3 is the first film in Marvel’s phase two set of films, meaning it takes place after The Avengers. Tony Stark is noticeable shaken after battling aliens in New York and realizing he’s not as safe as he thought, so he builds suits at an unhealthy rate obsessed with protecting himself and Pepper Potts from potential evils plaguing their universe. What he doesn’t realize is that his obsession is putting a strain on his and Pepper’s relationship, causing him to push her farther and farther away as he gets buried in his work.

A young, feeble scientist from Stark’s past pops up again in his life as a confident and malevolent villain determined to hold Stark accountable from brushing him off so many years ago. With the help of another scientist from Stark’s past, they produce a chemical called Extremis – a compound that can fix any physical ailments someone has, but may have explosive results. Extremis gives Killian – the young feeble scientist – dragon-like powers: he can heat up his limbs to extreme high temperatures, regrow lost limbs and breathe fire. With him attacking Stark’s home and taking Potts as prisoner, Tony’s worst fears are realized. He pulls himself together, utilizing his army of suits to take down Killian and his Extremis-riddled minions. Of course since it’s a superhero movie, Stark succeeds and as an added Christmas present for Pepper, destroys all his remaining suits.

Let’s point out the Christmas parts in Iron Man 3.

  • Stark plays a funky version of Jingle Bells when testing his Mark 42 armor in his workshop.
  • Stark gets Potts a real big stuffed bunny with a tag “Merry Christmas Pepper” on its collar.
  • The town in Tennessee is a winter wonderland with decor around town and the bar he goes into.
  • The Vice President is hosting a Christmas part at his house when Stark calls about the President being captured.
  • The President is strung up with Christmas lights at the Roxxon facility.

Those are the examples I could think of off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more, solidifying my claim for Iron Man 3 as a Christmas film. Of course it doesn’t rank among legendary Christmas movies, but if you hate Christmas, but love Marvel, this might be your gateway into the Holiday Spirit.



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