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Reaction: Louis CK’s email about Trump

Have you heard? I’m guessing yes, but if not, stay tuned. Louis CK recently “went off” on Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. Trump has resurged into the public’s eye ever since his announcement to run for President last spring. What did Louis CK say about Trump and how does this all fit into the larger scope of the Presidential elections?

Louis CK recently published an email correspondence, virtually addressing the American public to not vote for Trump. In his email, Louis CK, compares Trump to, Hitler, and he is not the first to make such a claim.

Trump has stood as the face of anti-establishment politics for conservatives, and in many moments, both on and off the debate stage redefining conservatism from its current base. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to witness the American public are sick of Washington politics. It’s also understandable that people want a government that works for us and WITH us. Is Trump that guy? How does Louis CK’s email play a role in all of this?

Funny man, Louis CK, who has become a prominent public figure in the last several years attracts quite the following. As a frequent host on Saturday Night Live, Louis CK, causes more belly-aches nation-wide than eating too many sour skittles. His statements regarding Trump’s run for presidency underscore the laughable nature of Trump’s election campaign thus far. However, much of the American public does not see Trump’s run in this light.

For many, Trump stands for the American Dream, however, can he capitalize on his campaign’s promise to, “Make America Great Again?” What would America look like?

Lots of Trump posters, like, everywhere. A telescreen here and there, monitoring the words we say and our facial movements, ensuring strict adherence to the parties’ politics.

Ok, so, back to Louis CK. Also, am I the only one who can’t help but read the entire post-script in Louis CK’s hilarious tone of voice? The comedian compared Trump to many highly sought after ideals in American Culture, like cancer, and bigotry, contradictory public statements, you know, all the good stuff, no, great stuff. But here is the thing. No one can make you change your mind about who you vote for, except you. Louis CK does not claim to be a political expert, but he does challenge us to examine Trump’s politics and his promises. He says, spend one hour on Google researching him. Here’s a video on Trump’s understanding of the Nuclear Triad…

It might come to many folks surprise that Trump’s views on healthcare though mainly focused on private care through HSAs, for example, has made campaign promises for Universal Care for select groups. Here’s a clip where Trump asserts his healthcare views…

Trump has predicated his campaign off of three big ticket items, immigration, trade policy and jobs. Each of these items can be summarized in short, build a wall, end money-manipulation by China, and bring jobs back from companies that have moved out of America through tariffs.

As Louis CK urged, so too am I, go to Donald Trump’s website… Read about the issues on his site, and look around to the other candidates. If after all that, Trump is still your candidate, you have performed your civic duty. We all need to be involved in the election process and politics in general in order to keep our representatives, well, representing our values.

I’d love to hear from you about who your candidate of choice is, or the issues you are passionate about, or any questions you have about this post, any of the current issues, or if you just simply want clarification on something. I will do my best to provide a rounded view on any political questions in order to provide you with the most resources to make your own opinion. Thank you for reading! Talk soon!


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