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TWD: “The Same Boat” thoughts

th (3)With all the action and constant plot progression happening in the first four episodes of this half-season, we had to come to a slow down eventually. A lot of you may think that this is a throw away episode, used as filler to lengthen the season. You’re probably right, but that’s not all this episode accomplishes. For me, “The Same Boat” does three important things. One, we get a further look into who the big bad Saviors really are. Two, it shows us the states of mind Maggie and Carol are in mentally – they’re not in the same boat. Three, our heroes kill more Saviors, furthering Negan’s potential blood lust for Alexandria.

I have to admit, I like the remix Gimple and the gang are throwing into The Saviors storyline. In the comic, The Saviors show up to Alexandria one day demanding supplies and the Alexandrian fight them off in defense. We know clearly that these people who are attacking our heroes are bad guys, as with everyone who’s attacked them in the past. We’re on our heroes side unwaveringly because someone else shot first. Take it back to the television show, Rick picks a fight with The Saviors, killing them before he’s even really The-Walking-Dead-The-Same-Boat-Preview-and-VIDEOgotten to know them. He killed a bunch of people in their sleep and gunned a whole bunch more people down that he knew nothing about. That’s why this episode is so important. Rather than throwing the collective “Saviors” at us and saying these are the bad guys now, we pull out a small group, not unlike some personalities we’ve come to know and love from our heroes, and learn a little bit about their backstory, about how they survived in the apocalypse. We sympathize with them; as far as we know, they did savage things beyond what our “heroes” have done to survive. So back to my original point, I like that the line between good and bad, the like between Savior and Alexandrian is blurred on the screen more than it is in the comic.

The basic plot of the action goes like this: Maggie and Carol get captured during the siege seen in “Not Tomorrow Yet,” they are taken to another Savior facility, like a holding cell, and Maggie and Carol eventually best their captor and free themselves. That’s not important.


I didn’t care to learn The Saviors’ names because they die as soon as they’re introduced, so to differentiate they’ll be known at Red Head, Brunette, Ms. Nasty and Guy.

Red Head is the orchestrator of the capture, speaking to Rick over the walkie and prolonging Maggie and Carol’s lives when she could have simply offed them to save a lot of trouble. Multiple times it seems like she’s going to make a deal to get her man back and multiple times it seems like she’s going to kill Carol. I couldn’t get a read on how crazy she actually is, but I explain that pretty easily – she’s human. She makes mistakes. She’s not this malevolent villain looking to do bad for the sake of doing bad; she’s a survivor. Carol does her Carol thing in acting like the helpless house wife so her captors can’t get a read on what she’s really about. She grabs rosary beads from a nearby corpse, which she looks like she’s using to pray with. She’s really sharpening the metal crucifix at the end to use to get free.

Carol-and-a-Savior-The-Walking-Dead-613Although she’s acting a fool, she is genuinely experiencing some emotional distraught brought on by either Morgan getting to her or just living in peace for an extended period of time, I can’t tell, but she all of a sudden hates the idea of killing people, even if it’s doing what’s needed. I can’t say I blame her. No matter what anyone who watches TWD says – how they’d have the balls to kill The Saviors no questions asked – it’s always tough to take a life. Maybe’s Morgan’s position on life is one of enlightenment, but he’s just ahead of his time. I think if Carol lives through the fight with The Saviors, her apprehension to kill will be welcomed.

Maggie, on the other hand, is trending in the opposite direction. She’s as brutal as they come these days, first wanting to rush in to kill some people when the alarms sound during the siege, then knocking Ms. Nasty in the head and proceeding to pound her face into the cement even when she’s clearly dead. She, like Rick, is greatly influenced by her past losses and helplessness – first her family on the farm, then her father, then Beth, then Glenn who she wasn’t sure was dead, but still couldn’t do anything about. If she’s not already there, she’s developing into a great leader to stand beside Rick in the new world. She’s reckless at time, sure, but she doesn’t want to feel helpless trying to defend her new baby; she’s fighting back against apocalyptic treachery that she’s experienced way too much of already.

the-walking-dead-saison-6-episode-13-twdSo none of our heroes die this day. Unbelievable considering how many Saviors were put down and how many bullets flew back and forth. Not one of our supposed “good guys,” not even a peripheral character, died during the skirmish. I’ll swallow that for now because much more death is not far away. Before Carol and Maggie leave the facility (I think it used
to be a slaughter house) they have to finish off the last few Saviors called in by Red Head. In brutal fashion, they manage to coat the kill room floor with gasoline, lure The Saviors into that room, ignite the gasoline, then let their victims burn alive. When they leave, they’re greeted by the rest of the badasses who were about to break in to save the two fearsome females. Without need of their hostage, Rick shoots Primo (who called himself Negan) point black in the face – Carol is disturbed by this. I have to admit, for as savage as Rick can be, this moment was classic badass Rick. Some of his moments lately have tilted towards barbaric rather than cool, but this moment I couldn’t help but love because without hesitation, Rick does what he needs to do. Soon, with so many of his soldiers dead in less than one day, Negan will do what he needs to do.

War is coming…



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