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My favorite thing on the internet TODAY: “Player Two”

I’m starting this series because the internet has a culture all its own and I absolutely love it. Often time, phenomenons are just a flash in the pan, never to have a shelf life of more than a couple days, but those are the things I love the most! I love stupid little vids or memes that go crazy on Reddit and then die before then hit the main stream. They’re special and I wanted a way to share the ones I find most pertinent to myself. This is the first of many; they won’t be everyday, but surely at least once a week. Be sure to comment!

So, my favorite thing today is from YouTube user John Wikstrom. It’s a short, but beautiful video about a gamer and his deceased father. The gamer told his story in a YouTube comment board for this video and someone screenshotted it and posted it to Imgur. Wikstrom saw this post and was moved by this gamer’s short, but very emotional story, so he created a simple video based on it called Player Two. Like I said, it’s a beautiful and emotional short story and it took my breath away the first time I watched it. Enjoy!



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