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TWD: “Go Getters” & “Swear” thoughts

“Go Getters”

the-walking-dead-605-go-getters-and-whats-causing-the-huge-ratings-drop-2016-images-400x240We finally get a resolution for the health of Maggie and her unborn baby. They’re fine. But Carson, the Hilltop’s MD, wants Maggie to stay at Hilltop in case she experiences more complications. Jesus is all for it of course, but Gregory, being the consummate prick that he is, wants no part of Maggie and Sasha’s residence.

Gregory is super mad that Maggie and the Alexandrians lied about killing all the Saviors. If you recall last season, Rick and the gang made a pact with Hilltop promising to kill all the Saviors if Hilltop gave Alexandria a whole bunch of supplies up front. The problem, as we have come to find out, is that Rick and his group aren’t the biggest bad asses in the zombie apocalypse anymore. Gregory has a legitimate fear that if the Saviors find Alexandrians at Hilltop, they’ll know the two communities conspired and some skull bashing action will take place.


Though Gregory is a large a-hole and a coward, he’s right. Maggie didn’t follow through on her side of the bargain. Technically, he has every right to be angry and kick her out. But, in a world consumed by death, it’s no less than monstrous to oust a girl out who’s carrying life. Jesus confronts Gregory in private to plead Maggie and Sasha’s case.

In the mean time, we get a look at what’s happening at Alexandria. Rick and Aaron pack up and leave on a supply run, trying to scrounge up whatever they can before Negan returns. Michonne goes off on her own expedition saying that she needs to “figure some things out.”

Carl sees Enid climbing the fence of Alexandria to leave and tries to stop her. She reasons that she needs to go find Maggie, see if she’s alright. Lets her go, but as she gets farther down the road, he drives a car over to meet her. Unfortunately because of the whole one eye thing, he crashes that car and they continue on foot together.


They’re interactions with each other are very high school drama, right down to the romance of it. They talk about killing people with a certain naiveté. Carl’s been through a lot, sure, but he’s only killed one person in his zombie apocalypse career. He wants to kill Negan as soon as see him, but he doesn’t understand that his dad is holding back for a good reason. Carl and Enid exchange superficial aphorisms to each other, which they hold as cornerstone maxims for their inexperienced lives. It’s the type of shallow confidence that most teenagers have, thinking that things they hear and say in Philosophy class are deep and world-changing.

They find roller skates on the road, which provides faster mobility and a smidgen of enjoyment out of their misery-filled lives. Once they arrive at Hilltop, the two decide to depart – Enid to go see Maggie, and Carl on his own mission of sorts. The two swap sweet nothings to each other, as teenagers are want to do, and end their encounter with a kiss.


Going back to Maggie and Sasha’s story, they’re awoken in the night by loud music playing out of a burning vehicle in the middle of Hilltop’s courtyard. The doors are busted open, letting dozens of zombie into the community, presumably done by the Saviors for an unknown reason. Jesus, Sasha and Maggie, even in her weakened state, spring to action, closing the gate and destroying the burning vehicle. We see Gregory look out his window, but slowly withdraws back into his room, like the coward we know him to be.


The following day, a band of Savior, lead by Negan’s proclaimed right hand man Simon, storm into Hilltop to claim their “half” of Hilltop’s good. Simon informs Gregory that his squad will be handling the Savior’s and Hilltop’s transactions from now on because the previous group wasslaughtered by the Alexandrians, a fact that Gregory acts incredulous about upon hearing it. He, of course, still doesn’t want the Saviors to know of his involvement with Alexandria. Then, Gregory tries to sell out Maggie and Sasha who are hiding, but fails. He things by giving them up, the Saviors would go easier on their the-walking-dead-7x05demands from Hilltop. The Saviors get what them came for and start to pack up. Before they leave however, Sasha asks Jesus to find out where their main compound is: still a heavily guarded secret. Jesus agrees and as the Saviors drive away, he hops in the back of one of their open trucks. He’s surprised to see Carl already hiding back there, on his way to “kill Negan.”

Maggie and Sasha ultimately get to stay at Hilltop by asserting their dominant personalities over Gregory. Gregory acts tough, and he has a right to be angry with Maggie, but of course, he’s a coward, so when push comes to shoves he’s backing down no matter who he’s up against. It’s clear all the trauma Maggie’s gone through has made her an extremely strong person, and possibly a fit leader. Her residence at Hilltop will undoubtedly help Rick in any rebellion attempts over Negan.

It looks like we’ll get a deeper glimpse inside the Savior’s compound with Carl tucked away in that truck, waiting to make his move. I wish the showrunners would have waited to give us our first look at life inside the Sanctuary instead of showing us a little bit in episode 703, but let’s not forget, this is, at its core, an awful show. I’m still excited to see what Negan’s reign looks like in his own house, but it could have been handled better.


Also, if it were up to me, Carl would have jumped into the back of the Savior’s truck when they were at Alexandria is episode 704, because that would have made a lot more sense, but whatever I guess…


the-walking-dead-7-06-swear-taraThis was one of the worst episodes of TWD in its history, if not the worst. It stops all the momentum we’ve been slowly, but surely gaining learning about the Saviors and plops us back into Tara and Heath’s unremarkable story.

We don’t care about these boring, out-of-touch characters! This episode only exists because the writers were creating this season and thought, oh shit, we have to bring Heath and Tara back somehow. Uhhhhhh…

And, by the end of it, Heath is still missing! We still have to have story, probably a full episode knowing this group of incompetent assholes, explaining how stupid Heath did something stupid and how he stupidly gets back to Alexandria only to die probably.

Quick synopsis, Tara meets this group of people who have a lot of guns, and are facing the same moral conundrum we’ve seen out of literally every fucking group TWD has introduced: when is it ok to kill? These people don’t like outsiders, but let Tara in anyways, then Tara runs away back to Alexandria. End of episode.

Since the Saviors take all of Alexandria’s guns in episode 704, it’s obvious what’s going to happen here.

Truly, I wish I wasn’t a fan of TWD. If you decide to stop watching after this shit, I wouldn’t blame you.




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