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S50_COAST_1920-1024x576In their ever expanding goal to rule the planet, Google has purchased drone-maker Titan Aerospace with plans to bring Internet access to parts of the world with out it. This is their second project aimed at ruling the sky, the other being “Project Loon,” a plan that will use helium balloons to bring connectivity to remote places.

I’m no conspiracy theorist; I believe a better world starts with better Internet access for everyone. But in recent years, drones have been closely associated with two things in the mindset of the American public: privacy breeches and military strikes, both of which are bad.

It’s a sad fact that people today are skeptical of anything that could be beneficial to them, like a constant “too good to be true” mentality. Maybe the drones and balloons will do what Google say they’re going to do. But since I cater to a mostly American audience, I’m going with the former theme.

20100204104618!TerminatorGoogle, or as I like to refer to them, Skynet, is systematically working to destroy humanity’s privacy and dictate how people should live their lives by trying to seduce them with their “open source,” net neutral facade. They already own the Internet, creating utopian search bubbles for each individual who surfs the web. They own global geographical information, having worldwide access to everyone’s  back yard. Now, with their new drones, they could conceivably do two things: track every individual’s movement and dictate everyone’s Internet access.

Google makes money by putting relevant advertisements in from of the right users. When individuals use Google, they are adding to their own online history book of sorts. If one particular thing or topic is searched more often than another, Google notices. Through one of its many algorithms, it can put together sites that certain individuals will likely click on based on their search history. The next step in advertisement for Google is likely taking the same algorithm and applying it to real life travels. Drones from Titan Aerospace can stay in the air for up to five years without needing to land. In that time, Google’s new drones could perceivable travel around the world a couple times keeping tabs on people though their smart phone’s internet connections and other devices people use on a daily basis.

Net neutrality isn’t a huge issue yet, but as the Internet grows older, we’ll see it become a bigger one. Simply put, companies want to control the flow of information on the Internet. Internet providers today such as Comcast and Verizon are already making a push to block some sites and promote others for their users. Google and other such online companies want to quell this greedy censorship, right now. Google has always been about a free an open Internet policy with all their products. Now, some believe Google will be the perfect company to provide Internet to the masses because of their web philosophies. What they don’t consider is what would happen if Google is given complete control over everything Internet related. Conceivably, such a powerful entity, one that already controls what information users find on the web, could dictate everything put on the information superhighway. The lines between reality and cyber space are blurring everyday. Now is Google’s chance to take control of more than just the Internet.

For right now, Google is a laid back company who wants nothing more than for people to live free and search without charge. But could this simply be the receding water before the massive title wave? I’m not sure, but remember Think Different.



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